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True Success in Sales in 2020 and Beyond with Joshua Desha, Head Sales Coach and Trainer, The Sales Rebellion

Episode Summary

This episode is sponsored by The Sales Rebellion. The Sales Rebellion #Changes TheGame in the ever-so-boring sales bullpen. They teach you to cause undeniable curiosity, wander your territory, breathe life into your pipeline, and take your prospects on an adventure. Whether you are an army of one, or a team of 10,000, The Sales Rebellion has something for you! They bring 1x1 Coaching, Team Bootcamps, Public Speaking Engagements, and Sales Curriculum to the next level. They also have a monthly membership program to sharpen your sales game. You can contact The Sales Rebellion at In this episode, we have an outstanding guest, Joshua Desha, Head Sales Coach and Trainer at The Sales Rebellion, one of the most dynamic sales coaching, training, and leadership organization in the world. He is also the National Director of Channel Partnerships for FirstStarHR, and his goal is to drive new business through a multitude of different avenues. He shares that greatness in sales requires you to think with your heart and that: Human beings make decisions with their hearts more than they do with their minds. Also until YOU, the sales person, can grasp and understand the power of your own emotions...over the impact you can have'll be nothing more than average. We talk about the art of sales, success, failure, selling the right way in difficult times, asking the right questions, legacy, and technology. He also gives us a bonus performance with his voice, truly a God-given talent towards the end of the episode. A MUST listen.

Episode Notes

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