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Greatness Within You with Tima Elhajj, CEO of Tima Media & Consulting

Episode Summary

In this episode, we speak Tima Elhajj, the CEO & Founder of Tima Media & Consulting. She works with organisations to help them become an authority in their niche industry. Purpose is the core to everything we do. When a company has a purpose driven mission and they are emotionally connected to it, this creates a lasting impact on people's lives and their clients. With over 15 years of experience in financial planning, all whilst also running her own practice, Tima understands the pressure of both the corporate world and the struggles of being an entrepreneur. Tima’s focus is to help organisations create Social Currency, Brand Awareness, form an online community who are loyal Brand Ambassadors which in turn generates revenue. She is a Speaker, MC, Moderator and Facilitator. Having built small businesses herself from finance to fashion to now running a consulting agency. Tima’s versatility enables her to deliver on both business and lifestyle genres. We talk about the greatness and we can be whomever we want to be and construct this within ourselves. To learn more about Tima Elhajj visit her website and connect with her on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

Episode Notes

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