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Successful Leadership in 2020 with Matthew Rogan

Episode Summary

We talk with Matthew Rogan from Australia, CEO of Laevo. He seamlessly navigates stakeholder and business requirements for outcomes. He has managed many programs and projects ranging from transitional arrangements through to the implementation of large-scale ERP business transformational programs. He is a change management practitioner, with over 25 years’ experience in Government, commercial enterprise, not-for-profit and as a Consultant. In this episode, we deeply cover how your desire can translate into reality. We also speak about Successful Leadership in 2020 and the importance of valuing personal development for each individual in the firm. As a Successful Leader, he is truly an inspiration for many. ___ Laevo has deep experience in business and consulting for over 25 years. Leading organisations through transformational change and providing innovative strategies for local and international clients. For specialist advice for your transformation initiatives, building business support networks, assessment of stakeholders needs, and developing learning programs, contact Laevo at

Episode Notes

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