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In this episode we talk how you can match up success and happiness to what is true for you. A wise man once said, happiness is just three things: good health, meaningful work and love. You have that, and you are happy. If you have meaningful work, well that can change the game. Happiness is one of life’s great positive feelings, an emotional experience of joy, love, warmth, for me the biggest point in happiness, relief … is knowing thyself. Paying more attention to the pleasant aspects of your experience and reframe your expectations for the future. Through meditation … we can practice this too and strengthen our powers of attentive mindfulness. There is always an answer … Don’t worry, be happy. — Thank to you our Sponsor MySafetyNet. MySafeyNet is designed to protect Children online and provide parents with peace of mind. It is a child validation and verification service that provides identification badges. Its authenticated proof of identification is then used for all Internet interaction. MySafetyNet uses a patented dual-layered protection and validation system that is anchored to Student and Federal or State ID numbers to validate every profile. For registration, visit the website

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