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Passion for Life and Business with Shanee Moret, CEO of MedSnake Media

Episode Summary

This episode is supported by MedSnake Media. The company helps healthcare companies increase revenue and influence via creative strategies, medical billing services, and an unmatched work ethic that produces positive results. Their purpose-driven team believes healthcare companies are one of the most influential on the planet because their impact improves quality of life. This is the driving force behind their work, performance and their why in creating consistently positive results for their partners. To learn more visit their website --- In this episode we talk with Shanee Moret, She is the Co-Founder of MedSnake Media, a company dedicated to helping healthcare companies increase influence and revenue. As a stage 4 cancer survivor, she is very passionate about her role in the healthcare space. We talk about commitment towards living your goals, leadership, cancer survival, persistence and content creation.

Episode Notes

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