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Genius Idea by Transforming the Online Market with Shane Wallace, CEO of WorkApp

Episode Summary

This episode is proudly sponsored by WorkApp. WorkApp is fast becoming the favourite online marketplace for all e-commerce buying and selling, community and events activities! WorkApp is free to the user ensuring that all people across the globe can take advantage of its rich functionality, including but not limited to a 'digital shop'​ to promote your business and sell your goods. With zero fees for listing or selling, the 'digital shop'​ is aimed at empowering the cottage industry owners in developing nations to embrace the technology and sell their products with ease and confidence - thus making the transition from street stalls to the digital world. Search for casual work or worker with confidence - knowing that if you find a casual worker using WorkApp, they are available and willing to work that day. Similarly, you can search for a range of classifieds, knowing that WorkApp delivers 'fresh data daily'​. Download workapp now --- In this episode we speak with Shane Wallace, CEO of WorkApp. Shane is a present day entrepreneur with a vision to spread prosperity and promote equality in the digital age. As co-founder and CEO of WorkApp, Shane has a passion for helping people solve today’s micro-moment problems with an all-in-one, free and easy to use platform that puts the user first. The digital landscape continues to change the way we do almost everything, and it will be those platforms that empower users and their customers that will grow and prosper in this exciting era. Shane recognises the need to empower people today to step up and think big. Great changes don’t happen by keeping things neat and small. Over 15 year of personal development and coaching have taught Shane how to step out of the comfort zone and be creative and passionate. This is the message he empowers people with today. Shane truly believes that with the right motivation and support and with a big enough dream, anyone can create a positive difference in their world and in the lives of others. His passion is infectious and he inspires everyone he comes into contact with. We talk about WorkApp's Story, Entrepreneurship, Vision, Leadership and Making a Difference. Download the WorkApp and visit their website to learn more. Reach out to Shane Wallace on LinkedIn.

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