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Talking Cybersecurity Risk: Protecting Your Personal Data and Information with Ron Craig, Head of IT and CyberSecurity

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This episode is supported by Wizer Security Awareness Training. “Did you know the average human attention Span is 8 Seconds that’s just 1 Second Less Than A Goldfish!” Wizer Training have FREE training videos to be around 1 min long, entertaining, and to the point. Since we use more of our mobile devices than people in the world, they have made it - accessible it from anywhere, anytime, with or without sound. Free Security Awareness training and boost as your needs grow, one minute videos and to the point. Videos on how to avoid being tricked by cyber criminals. Covering relevant topics, Public wifi safety, mobile security, USB safety, password safety, phishing, new employee onboarding, social media security, HIPAA, Shadow IT, GDPR, Insider Threat. California Consumer Privacy Act. And in languages English, Spanish, French, Portugues and German. To learn more visit — We are covering a very important topic today, and it’s something we all need to be aware about: cybersecurity and data privacy. We wanted to deliver this specially to you, because it includes everything that relates to protecting our sensitive data, personal information, health information, intellectual property and govt and industry systems from theft and damage by criminals. We are seeing the Cybersecurity risk is increasing, driven by global connectivity and usage of cloud services, like Amazon Web Services, to store sensitive data and personal information. In this episode we speak with Ron Craig, he is an Affiliate partner with Wizer Security Awareness Training and raises security awareness. He has 20 years in the computer industry, with 15 years as a computer programmer and IT. Currently he serves as the Head of IT and CyberSecurity for a SMB in Ontario, Canada. His passion is to spread security awareness to the general population so that everyone can enjoy a safer digital life. We talk about security Awareness touching on: - password management, password managers and two factor authentication. - phishing threats and some ways to spot scams. - security awareness training and everyone using Free training from Wizer to start. A must listen.

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