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Power of Visualisation & Imagination with Peter Mattisson

Episode Summary

We talk with Peter Mattisson, Founder and CEO of web development company Fundamently. He is an Internet Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in startups and has a further 15 years of experience working as an IT-consultant at global companies including Microsoft, Federal Express, and Fujitsu. Having encountered the most common frustrations himself as an entrepreneur when it comes to outsourcing web development, he used this as an opportunity to start his idea and company. He assembled his dream team of developers and designers with a proven track record based on trust. His company provides Full-Stack Development and Web Design for companies covering large projects and high traffic websites where scalability and performance are critical. He is also holds the position of Vice President at Stockholm's Amateur Astronomers (STAR). His passion astronomy has led to seeing three Solar Eclipses so far. He has been an amateur astronomer since he was 15. In this episode we speak about the life changing book Think and Grow Rich book and success principles particularly on desire, faith, plans and persistence. The power of visualisation and how our thoughts can become our reality. Failure is not permanent and we must have the mental energy to keep moving forward. ___ Fundamently is a creative web development agency specializing in strategy, creativity, design and innovative technology. The company provides Full-Stack Development and Web Design, develops digital products and offers online services for your business. Based in North America and Europe and working with clients across the globe. Contact Fundamently at to discuss your scope and project requirements.

Episode Notes

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