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In this episode I talk about how a transformation is happening, about knowing thyself through data and using technology available to us today. This is the Quantified Self. In short, it is self-knowledge through self-tracking. Now this is not new. Benjamin Franklin famously tracked 13 personal virtues in a daily journal to push himself toward moral perfection. The only difference today is the technology. Advancements have not only made data collection cheaper and more convenient, but is allowing us to quantify biometrics we never knew existed. ___ Thank you to my Sponsor Ruggle Partner. Ruggle Partner is a boutique law firm based in Zurich, Switzerland offering local and international clients legal advice covering corporate development, M&A transactions, tax, contract negotiations, company restructuring and succession planning. Their service is deeply focused on finding holistic solutions, with creativity and commitment, and ensuring the best viable commercial solutions for clients. For advice and support for your legal matters, contact Ruggle Partner at

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