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Conquering The Mind with Pjero Mardesic, CEO & Founder of Adictd2grow

Episode Summary

This episode is proudly sponsored by Adictd2grow. Adict2grow’s coaching and mentorship programs, intensely embed learnings into your unconscious mind (heart) with certainty, will instantly change your life. Maximise Your Full Potential. Wellness Coaching - The wellness coaching model is a combination of mental and physical coaching it covers all areas from food hydration all the way through to life coaching and achieving your personal goals and to live in an empowered life. Business Coaching - Increasing and doubling your stuff productivity through my proven system called a growth Matrix system your system is a Self Development staff Improvement Program to work in aged with your HR and wellness team. Mentoring - With over 20 years of experience in 7 different industry areas managing in three business is Telstra Toyota and Nissan I pride myself on high-quality level management and leadership. Sales Psychology - Understanding the sales process is one of the most valued attributes nderstand customer experience changes the outcome of any conversation with customers dust providing with profitable sales. Being transformed into an action taker! Contact via — In this episode we speak with Pjero Mardesic, CEO and Founder of of Adictd2grow. His MISSION is to be the world wide phrase for personal development. He’s very much interested in the how you think rather than what you think and helps reprogram your mind to focus on the HOW you think, with certainty, power, execution and vision. We talk about his story, the power of thoughts, conquering your mind, unleashing your potential and never giving UP. Powerful episode. A must listen. Reach out to Pjero Mardesic on LinkedIn and all social media channels. Visit his website to learn more

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