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My Definite Chief Aim: Vision Building Project

Episode Summary Announcing a Vision Building Project that I am so PASSIONATE about. The Definite Chief Aim of Project is to teach success principles in Schools to inspire and motivate children and teenagers to help discover their Definite Chief Aim and Greater Self Awareness.  The Success Principles are based on qualified research and work from the most successful people in the world. Teach in schools real life success principles that help them “creatively THINK better” and enhance their self confidence to enable better decision making for the future.  The philosophies are proved methods that will guide and make for a better future in their chosen calling. I am leading Master Mind Alliances weekly with adults and believed it would also benefit young people and had an idea to extend this profound opportunity to make that massive difference. As the Principals of the schools have said, “Wow! I am impressed. Laura, we need you.” Find the need and deliver with your heart. For sponsorship send a message via and to give your best visit the kids will be forever grateful. For those desiring to join the Master Mind Alliance, weekly online meetings, register at to discover more. Community in a spirit of perfect harmony is power. For your desire to translate into reality, you must also apply the Mastermind principle. This alliance is suited for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

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