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Meaningful work: Life is too short for the wrong job

Episode Summary

In this episode, we cover the most interesting question: Have you got a job, career or calling? Self awareness is key in knowing what the right job, career or calling is for you. When you lose respect for your job, you gradually lose respect for yourself. Happiness means: good health, meaningful work and love based on many studies. What are some of the important aspects after speaking to many professional associates: personal growth and development, entrepreneurial independence, religious and spiritual identify, family, expressing yourself through ideas, invention or the arts, community - serving a cause, helping people in need and talent based striving for excellence. ___ Thank you to our sponsor Fundamently. Fundamently is a creative web development agency specializing in strategy, creativity, design and innovative technology. The company provides Full-Stack Development and Web Design, develops digital products and offers online services for your business. Based in North America and Europe and working with clients across the globe. Contact Fundamently at to discuss your scope and project requirements.

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