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Learn to trust the journey: Accepting Change with Noirin Mosley, Director at Educate to Elevate

Episode Summary

This episode is supported by Educate to Elevate. Educate to Elevate have designed an online learning platform that enables companies and coaches to deliver comprehensive training, induction and onboarding without the hassle, stress and time. If you’re a coach with a passion for education, a HR director or business owner looking to streamline the onboarding process with a robust online learning platform, reach out to Educate to Elevate. In this episode, we speak with the Director of Educate to Elevate, Noirin Mosley. Her passion for empowering people and bringing out their best has followed her throughout her career. This is from her role in disability services at the Center for Independent Living back in her home country of Ireland to her most recent entrepreneurial endeavour, Educate to Elevate. She succeeded as the Director of three of her own businesses, including Race Party. About Race Party, it became Melbourne’s most popular venue for corporate functions and events and visited by many companies, including Deloitte, ANZ, Nissan Motorsport and Telstra. In the advent of COVID-19, her top priority was keeping her team, guests and community safe and well. Unfortunately that meant having to shut down Race Party for the foreseeable future. Leading her to undertake Educate to Elevate. We talk about the importance of accepting change and then embracing it, understanding your options. Being supportive and kind whenever you can as we do not know the struggles of those around us. A random act of kindness to a stranger could mean everything to them in that moment. Optimism and humour can enable us to thrive in challenging situations. A MUST listen.

Episode Notes

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