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Leading with Excellence: What Great Leaders Know with Kristin Sherry, Managing Partner of YouMap

Episode Summary

The episode is proudly sponsored by YouMap. YouMap® reveals the Four Pillars of Career Fit: strengths, values, preferred skills and interests. The award-winning profile includes a companion workbook for employees, enterpreneurs, job seekers and career changers, students, life coaching, and military veterans to turn insights into practical action. A life-changing book. A holistic career profile. A one-of-a-kind certification. To get in touch with YouMap, visit their website and to get a copy of their book, visit Amazon — In this episode, we talk with the Author and Creator of YouMap, Kristin Sherry. She is a globally recognized career expert, winner of the 2020 Career Innovator Award by Career Directors International, and creator of the YouMap® career profile. She is an international speaker, trainer and author of two Amazon international bestsellers, YouMap and Your Team Loves Mondays...Right? She is the managing partner of YouMap LLC, which certifies coaches, career services and HR professionals as YouMap® coaches and workshop facilitators. She has contributed to Entrepreneur Magazine and and is a contributor to the 2020 Career Industry Trends white paper on the future of careers by the global think tank, Career Thought Leaders. Her upcoming children's book You've Got Gifts! and self-development book, Maximize 365, release November 10, 2020 and February 2021, respectively. We talk about entrepreneurship, passive income strategies and diversifying revenue as a business owner, career management, discovering your niche, self-awareness and self-discovery, and her best selling books. A MUST listen. __ Subscribe to 'The JA Show' podcast for more empowering episodes that move you to action.