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Build Your Unshakable Core for Life with Janine Shepherd, CEO at The School of Resilence

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This episode is supported by the School For Resilience. Reclaim Your Power to Embrace Anything the Universe Throws at You. A Life-Changing Course in Resilience. The course offers: In Depth Learning. Exclusive School for Resilience five foundational steps and twelve key steps to building your unshakable core for life. Personal Growth Tools & Exercises. Be guided throughout the course with tools, exercises and "homework" plus some bonus content to help you maximise the benefits. Interactive Conversations. Live Q & A's and our dedicated Facebook Group to connect with instructors and participants For The JA Show listeners, the School For Resilience has generously offered 20% discount off of the registration for their Building an Unshakable Core course. Enter with the coupon code THEJASHOW at the check with registration available — The human spirit, caring for others, vision, definite purpose and resilience and are just some of the qualities that make us great. In this episode we speak with, Janine Shepherd, CSP, was a former Australian champion skier headed to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Instead, she was the victim of a horrific accident on a training bike ride, suffering multiple, life-threatening injuries. After almost six months in hospital and struggling to rehabilitate with permanent disabilities, Janine didn’t just learn to walk, she chose to fly! Starting flight training in a plaster body cast, she ultimately attained her commercial pilot rating, and even taught aerobatics. Told is was unlikely she would ever have children; she is the proud mother of three. Today, Janine Shepherd is an internationally-renowned speaker and author of six best-selling books. Her inspiring TED talk, “A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person.” has garnered over 1.6 million views. She’s been featured on Australian “60 Minutes”, “This is Your Life”, and recognised with her country’s highest honour, The Order of Australia. She was named an ‘Architect of Change’ by Maria Shriver and was once named as one of the ‘Ten Outstanding Young People of the World.” Janine is an ambassador for Red Bull, Wings for Life and also Spinal Cure Australia.Janine’s life story is currently being adapted into a Hollywood movie. She lives in Wyoming, USA and travels the world, sharing her message of resilience and transformation. We talk about state of mind, desire, persistence, faith, and the principles of success. A MUST listen. Connect with Janine Shepherd on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

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