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Words Create Worlds with Dr. Janet Farrell Leontiou, Associate Professor of Communications

Episode Summary

Words create worlds. The world you live in right now comes from the words you tell yourself and the ones others tell you. We have the power to create the world we see with our words. In this episode we speak with Janet Farrell Leontiou, she’s an Associate Professor of Communication at Nassau Community College in New York. She has received Ph.D. in Communication from Penn State University. She is an Author of a number of articles and three books. The latest book (released end of last year) is called: The Doctor is Still Knows Best: How Medical Culture is Still Marked by Parternalism. This was a follow up to: What Do the Doctors Say?: How Doctor Create a World through Their Words. Her third book is a companion book for the class I teach on Viktor E. Frankl called: Communicating With Integrity. We talk about stories, communication and the words we use. To get a copy of her latest book, visit

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