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How To Win In The Game Of Life and Business with Ike Ikokwu, Founder of My Limitless Living

Episode Summary

In this episode we speak with Ike Ikokwu, Founder of My Limitless Living brand of companies and Creator of the Practice Growth Mastery Mentor-Coaching Program, he helps his clients shatter the invisible boundaries over what they can be, do and have. This allows for overcoming the magnetic pull of limiting beliefs from their past, to take action on present opportunities to create a financially empowered life, designed around their purpose, that brings immense success, satisfaction, and fulfillment beyond even their wildest dreams. He’s a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Business Growth Strategist, Mindset Coach and Personal Finance Expert, Ike Ikokwu, helps Purpose-Driven entrepreneurs triple their leads, double their sales, and add $100K in revenue and profits in 12 months or less. Working on both the inner and outer game of success, he helps entrepreneurs subconsciously incept the minds of prospective clients to attract leads to them like bees to honey, convert them to clients, and get them to buy more. Today, he’s one of the most talented coaches in the business world, working with one of the largest global coaching companies in the industry. Having overcome many adversities to achieve his own success in life, he has the ability to change the way we think about things. We talk about How To Win In The Game Of Life And Business By Avoiding #1 Reasons 90% Of Entrepreneurs Fail, Business Growth Reimagined in Post Covid-19 World and Faith.

Episode Notes

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