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Great Success comes from Intelligent Actions with Peter Ruggle

Episode Summary

We talk with Peter Ruggle, Partner and Owner of Ruggle Partner, a boutique law firm based in Zurich, Switzerland offering local and international clients legal advice covering corporate development, M&A transactions, tax, contract negotiations, company restructuring and succession planning. Their service is deeply focused on finding holistic solutions, with creativity and commitment, and ensuring the best viable commercial solutions for clients. He is a member of Zurich Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association and Swiss Arbitration Association. He also sits on many Advisory Boards with his tremendous management and business expertise. Furthermore, he has published many papers, with the most recent Basle Commentary on Swiss Civil Procedure Law, Basle 2018, Commentary on Art. For advice and support for your legal matters, contact Ruggle Partner at In this episode we speak about listening to your calling to accomplish significant things in life and business. Law was calling Peter at early age, at 7 years old. He never gave up on the idea and started at a prestige Law Firm in Zurich, then realising that being independent was more suitable for his vision as an Entrepreneur. This idea started Ruggle Partner in Switzerland, serving clients locally and internationally. His actions show the real measure of his intelligence. A phenomenal Entrepreneur and Partner of his Law Firm, his persistence, specialised knowledge and confidence has allowed for his great success. We also discuss about strength and growth coming through continuous effort and temporary defeats with a great emphasis on surrounding yourself with the right people and team.

Episode Notes

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