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Episode Summary

This episode is proudly sponsored by Giuseppe Bonaccorso. Giuseppe Bonaccorso is an experienced and goal-oriented leader with wide expertise in the management of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. His experience spans projects for a wide variety of industries including healthcare, B2C, and Military industries (Fortune 500 firms). His main interests include machine/deep learning, data science strategy, and digital innovation in the healthcare industry. He's currently leveraging his interests and expertise as the Head of Data Science in a Pharmaceutical corporation. However you may recognize him from the many best-selling machine learning books he’s published including Python: Machine Learning Algorithms (2 editions), Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms (2 editions), Advanced Guide to Artificial Intelligence, Fundamentals of Machine Learning with scikit-learn, and Hands-On Unsupervised Learning with Python (all published by Packt Publishing). Invest and keep learning in your data science and AI journey by purchasing his books. Make sure you follow Giuseppe Bonaccorso on LinkedIn: — In this episode, we talk about data science and AI shaping our present and future, the power of a can-do mindset, quoted by his father, “Anything is simple if you know how to do it”, future of jobs, degree verses online courses, successful leadership, AI ethics, existing relationship between current AI and the real intelligent mind. Also some fun questions about Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. A MUST LISTEN.

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