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Future of Individual Design: What were you destined for?

Episode Summary

Look to assess, how do you see yourself? How do others see you? Your demonstration of your skills will bring the attention of the right people, and you will see yourself differently when you receive the feedback. My work shifted automatically when I started sharing my gifts, embracing activities in the form of media, interviews and collaborations. Strong research suggests, it was not the talents and opportunities people lacked, that held them back, but rather the capabilities they already possessed that they were not using. You must begin where you are, and what you are - and start today, right now, the minute you find your own acres of diamonds. Our world rewards people who maximise their talents, by discovering and exploring their own interests, lifestyles and capacities. ___ This episode is supported by the Master Mind Alliance. Your Network Matters: Be around the right people who think in abundance, and you too will continue to attract abundance and riches. Who you spend your time with influences the person that you will eventually become. For your desire to translate into reality, you must also apply the Master Mind principle. To participate, understand the facts available on the website and register by completing the e-form

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