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How You Describe Yourself to Yourself is Power with Enzo Ochoga, Transformational Speaker and Agile Coach

Episode Summary

This episode is supported by Transform my Universe. “How you describe yourself to yourself is POWER.” In this episode we talk with Enzo Ochoga, the Founder of Transform my Universe. She is a Transformational Speaker, Agile Coach, Project Manager. Storyteller and Survivor. She is sharply driven by intuition. A spiritual needle guides her at all times to make a larger impact, specifically with helping and inspiring women, all people to UNMUTE and TRANSFORM their universe by harnessing their voice and POWER within. She is crafting her biography, coming out soon, where she shares her personal story of being born and raised in West Africa, Life in America, subjected to abuse, shame, depression, and ridicule. Beaten but never broken, she began to believe the oppressive words that filled her space, losing self-confidence and self-esteem, despite knowing that she was smart enough. Enzo slowly began to escape the cage and emerge stronger, braver and ready to speak out on behalf of all women facing such crushing circumstances. Seeing joy and hope in her childrens’ eyes for a better future, she knew she did not want to pass down this environment of discouragement to the next generation. She found the strength and courage to take her life back and is now helping other women and all people UNMUTE their voice too. A single mom, daughter, sister, lover of life, empath, change agent, traveler, diversity enthusiast, global citizen and all ray of positivity shining bright on all that cross her path, she has overcome each hurdle in her journey with strength, failing forward and determination. We talk about The Magic of the Mind, Wealth through connections, we are the formula we seek and transformation is not always a level up and why stress is good for you. To get in touch with Enzo Ochoga by visiting her website and connecting with her on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

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