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Dreams of Hollywood Actor to Sales and Mindset Expert with Rana Kordahi, Founder at The Sales Academy

Episode Summary

This episode is sponsored by The Sales Academy with Founder Rana Kordahi. Rana Kordahi has worked in a variety of sales roles, from recruitment, employment services, real estate, training services, to selling software. She is the Founder of The Sales Academy that specialises in sales and sales leadership training, coaching and consulting. She has a love for teaching sales and helping companies thrive. She's determined to make everyone fall in love with selling and succeed in it. She wants people to understand that without good salespeople, many jobs and even businesses would not survive. Salespeople are the soldiers on the frontline who put their sanity on the line daily. She has been fortunate to train and coach over 10 thousand sales and non-sales people across the globe in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development. In this episode we start by talking about Rana's dream was to be a Hollywood actor and walk the red carpet, but sales seemed in her blood and destiny. Her gift was way too obvious as she began her career that she could not ignore it. Her love and passion for sales continues to drive results for her clients and her business. Stay true to your gifts and talents. Never give up on what you were destined to accomplish.

Episode Notes

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