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The Importance of an Abundant Mindset for Business and Life with Doug Vermeeren

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A new movie How Thoughts Become Things is bringing new insights into the Law of Attraction with a lot of the original cast of THE SECRET. The familiar cast of Bob Proctor, John Demartini, Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle and others of Secret fame unfold the mysteries of thought. The JA Show sat with Doug Vermeeren, from Entrepreneur of Influence and the Founder of The SIX MINUTE WORKDAY™. We talk about Importance of an Abundant Mindset for Business and Life and his new personal development film, How Thoughts become things. A must watch. In this episode, we share the answers behind the questions: How do our thoughts become things? What is the process to follow and how can one use this information with any certainty of result? And more. Truly, a powerful episode! Doug has personally interviewed business leaders and companies like Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, American Airlines, UGG boots, Uber, KFC, McDonalds, Disney, United Airlines, Ted Baker and others to share their success secrets with you. ABC television and FOX Business refer to him as the modern-day Napoleon Hill. He is also the producer and director of four out of the top ten personal development movies ever made. Douglas has Authored three books in the Guerrilla Marketing series. He is a regular featured expert on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CTV and CBC and others. His insights shared are profound and time well invested in listening in. TUNE in 🎧

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