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Find Wisdom in our Struggles with Chad Walkaden, Founder of OnTracka and Cancer Survivor 3x

Episode Summary

Growth comes from your strength to deal with the cards you've been dealt. Truly, we can find wisdom in our struggles. Our special guest is a great example. In this episode we talk with Chad Walkaden he is an experienced forensic social worker, Stage IV cancer survivor x3 and Tech-Founder of OnTracka, a mobile application that is assisting patients to legitimise medical cannabis into their healthcare. During a life-changing four years, Chad faced and overcame a Stage IV Terminal Cancer on three separate occasions while at the same time simultaneously supporting his mother with a stage 3 Bowel Cancer. He has been published in Discoveries Journals, the Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Digestive Disorders and he was invited to speak at 26th Annual Congress into Cancer Science and Targeted Therapies. We talk about his Startup OnTracka, legitimizing cannabis into Healthcare, Mental Health and Challenges and lessons through overcoming terminal illness. Phenomenal episode. A must listen. Contact Chad Walkaden via LinkedIn, Instagram and his website is

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