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Be Brave in Following Your Dreams with Diana Nguyen, Actor, Comedian and Dancer

Episode Summary

Persistence, drive and truly following your dreams is worth it, even when the odds look like they are against you. But remember to believe in yourself, your desire inside of you to accomplish what you were destined for. No one can take that away from you. In this episode, we speak with Diana Nguyen. She is an actor, comedian, and has performed nationally and internationally. She has also appeared on The Project, Q&A, 5 bedrooms, How to Stay Married, Fat Pizza and more. She first created content on Linkedin in 2017 and since then has nutured a community of over 34k followers. Her branding of #DancingDiana and #JustDoingKaraoke is well known on the Linkedin platform with over 100 interviews. She's a Co-Host of #LinkedInLocalMelbourne, one of the most successful #LinkedInLocal meetups worldwide, and has been performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival since 2011. Recently she launched Phi and Me, the first Vietnamese-Australian comedy series in the world backed by the Australian Government." By sharing the process of the artist, including the highs and lows, Diana recently spoke at her first ever TedxTalk called "Joy is my Caffeine - JoyFool" We talk about her story, pursuing your dreams, beating adversity, decisions and her fascination with Keanu Reeves. Always follow your heart and listen to the voice within. It's telling you something that needs to be heard.

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