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Master Your Thoughts with Ash Playsted, Founder of The MindsetFit Method

Episode Summary

This episode is supported by The MindsetFit Method. Mindset matters. Mindset is everything. Whether you’re talking about career success, business, getting through challenging times, having the right mindset can make the difference between your personal success and failure. In this episode we talk with the Ash Playsted, the Founder of The MindsetFit Method and the world’s leading Transformation Coaches. He is a dedicated entrepreneur and mindset tactician who relentlessly pursues his higher calling. He is originally from Ballarat, Australia, has created multiple renowned businesses and programs and is most well known as the The Dragon Slayer. He has helped people all over the world completely transform their lives, getting them unstuck and propelling them to their dreams and goals, and ultimately control of their destiny through mastery of self: helping them reclaim the notion that anything is possible, triggering their inner power to live a meaningful, magical, joyful, and insanely successful life. We talk about mindset, his foundational belief on what his coaching and teachings encompass: profit, principles and purpose. The creation of a meaningful and purpose life results from pursuing ‘Man’s Highest achievement’. Total mastery of self control your thoughts and feelings. A must listen. Visit the to learn more and connect with him on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

Episode Notes

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