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Your Best is Yet to Come with Ahmad Imam, Ambassador at Success Resources Australia

Episode Summary

In this episode we speak with Ahmad Imam, he is an Ambassador, Host, Presenter and content creator. He opens the doors to the world’s greatest speakers, thought leaders and business minds, and provides the opportunity for business leaders and entrepreneurs to be educated, coached and mentored by them. Self-improvement is in Ahmad’s DNA, and he lives by the mantra Your best is yet to come. As the ambassador for Success Resources, he focuses on helping driven individuals take their lives and businesses to the next level with revered thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Sir Richard Branson, to name a few. Ahmad has dominated the LinkedIn platform, becoming a social media personality in his short time on the platform and building an engaged following of over 330k in just 18 months. You can find him regularly inspiring and motivating his community by sharing the secrets to gaining greater confidence, building success mindset and creating powerful content. A video trailblazer, described as Charismatic, bold, smart and engaging. Ahmad’s magnetic personality has seen many of his posts go viral, featuring in Forbes and Inc. He currently averages 2 million views on his content per month.

Episode Notes

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